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The Perfect Start For Your Child

My name is Melanie Poultney and I have been in the childcare field for 25 years. I have owned and run a very successful playschool called Peter Rabbit Playschool in Port Elizabeth for the past 16 years.

Hopscotch Preschool is run from a large, separate portion of my home which is safe, secure and provides a true home away from home nurturing environment.

 I am very involved with the children in my care, I prefer one on one interaction and a small, cosy, calm, environment where each child is free to express his / her talents and wants.

We can accommodate babies from 6 months - 5 years

About Hopscotch Preschool

operating hours

We are open from 7.30am to 5pm 
Monday to Friday 
Half day : 7.30am - 1.30pm
Full Day : 7.30am - 5pm

Our Fees 

Half day : R 3000 / month 
Full day : R 4000 / month 
Fees are due before the first day of the new month and payable for 11 months.

Our School

Hopscotch Preschool is located in the safe, secure residential area of Elma Park in Edenvale.
Hopscotch Preschool is open during the holidays, excluding the December holidays.

What We provide

We will provide breakfast, snacks and a delicious lunch!
Hopscotch Preschool will provide all stationery, art supplies and food , so you don't have to worry about that!

Our Educational Schedule 

We do stick to a morning schedule and follow our themes, which include storytelling, reading, music and dance, arts & crafts.

We  spend time learning our numbers, counting, colour recognition, days of the week and months of the year.

 We also allocate time to learning our letters and sensory bin adventures, oh and quite a bit of painting and messy stuff, however, sometimes the children just want to play and that’s ok too!

What To Send To school With Your Child

Why Choose Hopscotch Preschool For your Child?

25 years experience in the childcare field.
Exceptional facilities , curriculum nurturing your child to express and develop their unique talents and creativity.
Our programme is specially designed to prepare your child for the next stage in their education.
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